The Plan {Friday Fictioneers}

My first stab at Friday Fictioneers, I couldn’t pass up the gorgeous image provided as prompt!

Image Credit Kent Bonham

The Plan

It was laid out before me, literally in black and white. I had not expected such skillful illustration from the child I knew, who now stood before me a man.

“Please don’t be angry,” he began, “but I can’t do this alone. You are my first choice, of course, but if you won’t do it…” his voice trailed at these words.

I knew he was serious. One look into those brown eyes, full of compassion and love, I knew he would go on. Without me. I prayerfully considered what my heart compelled me to do.

“I want to…I long to go with you, but…” I stammered. I’m an old woman, I thought. How could I possibly go and be of help. Yet to be left behind was beyond my comprehension.

“It is done. We leave at sunset.”



Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

Would you like to add yours, or read others?

Image Credit: Rochelle Wisoff



27 thoughts on “The Plan {Friday Fictioneers}

  1. Gaaah don’t leave me with suspense like that! What exactly are they going to do? Where are they going? What’s the significance of the book? Tell me moooore. Gosh, I hope to see you in future Friday Fictioneers events because I’d love to read more flash fiction from you!

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    1. You are so kind – I’ve been ruminating on this image for days and have built up a whole story in my mind…I plan on writing more on it. Thank you for your inspiration for my taking on this challenge!

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