Local Eats: Deru Market

I’m no food blogger, but who doesn’t eat?

Image Credit Bikurgurl, The First Bite 2016

Enter: A favorite local eatery – local, clean, delicious! And coffee…delightful coffee ❤

….but….that’s not how it starts, that’s how it ends…

The beginning is this:

Image Credit Bikurgurl, Waffle Stack 2016

My youngest son dreams in waffles

Image Credit Bikurgurl, All That Breakfast 2016

…but he’s a growing boy, so more food {protein} to the table, please…

Image Credit Bikurgurl, That’s a Za 2016

Then there’s my oldest son who dreams in pizza, and meat, some burritos, but a lot of pizza.

Image Credit Bikurgurl, Half&Half 2016

And mine? Half a sandwich and salad. I knocked off most of the cheese – although I love it, it doesn’t love me – but we’re still friends 😉

Image Credit Bikurgurl, The Kitchen Sink 2016

Alas, my husbands plate was out of reach, since we were sitting at the bar, but we were able to view the beautiful sink…the sink of my dreams!

Deru Market is a great place for couples, families, girls gatherings…really anytime you’d like to grab a bite of some really great food! The portions can be large – did you see the delightful cake? The sides sumptuous, the coffee good, the portions overwhelming.

I’m no food blogger, but even my Windows Phone can capture the beauty of the atmosphere, the food, the vibe.

Don’t go when you’re starving – we’ve never been when there isn’t a line. A line to give your order, a line to get a table. Is it worth it? Oh yes! Once you give your order, it goes in a cue and isn’t made until you are seated. Fantastic.

In the summer – they open up the patio. More seating, more eating, more fun.

Where do you love to eat local, Seattle?

12 thoughts on “Local Eats: Deru Market

  1. Yum looks so good. I think I’m going to have to visit Seattle one of these days. All the food you guys had looks awesome. I’m partial to the waffles your son had, but like you I would have the salad and the sandwhich. Enjoy your week Bikurgurl!

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