The Door {FFfAW – 60th Challenge}

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The Door

I began to walk to the door. This was the door to change my life. My mother told me the answers were all behind the door. I couldn’t possibly believe all the answers were in one place, one time, one person.

Yet here I am. Looking at the door, contemplating what lies beyond, my heart races.

She didn’t say I should, she said I could. The power of choice. Do I look behind the door, change my life or walk on. It’s tempting to know more, but do I want the information? There is a limit on what I’m willing to know, isn’t there?

“SHHHHH!” I hear a voice from the other side of the door. Muffled laughter followed.

Now I needed to know. Reaching out, I gently squeezed the handle, took a deep breath, and with a quick shove, pushed the door wide.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday!” yelled my family in unison. Everyone together again – that is life changing.



Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the 60th week at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

Would you like to add yours, or read others?



15 thoughts on “The Door {FFfAW – 60th Challenge}

    1. I love happy surprises — initially I was going to end with a puppy, but I loved the idea of family in this cozy location 😉 Thanks for your kind words and stopping by!


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