100 Word Wednesday: Daddy

100 Word Wednesday is an on-going, not-as-frequent-as-I’d-like post on what I’m into, Flash Non-Fiction, in 100 words.


Stan, Kelly, and Gyspy's Red Bear
Image Credit: Bikurgurl’s Momma, circa 1980’sD

His confidence in my talent, my dreams, unending. As I grew, he continued to challenge me to be more than I thought I was; giving me confidence, love, to follow my dreams, keep family close, plan for the future.

As a woman, mother and wife, he quietly encourages me still. His ardent love and dedication to my mother is what I’ve expected in my own marriage. His putting his children first is what I’ve done for my own children. His taking care of his parents is what I want to do for him.

I will always be your little girl.


I’ve always loved this quote! I think of my father when I see this quote. Although I had a 100-word post scheduled about him today, I changed it slightly due to this Churchill quote.

As seen on Yinglan’s Blog

As I replied on Yinglan’s Blog post, the meaning of this quote to me is to not let others derail your dreams. Whether it’s rejection letters from publishers, not getting hired by your desired employers, the person you love not reciprocating — Do Not Let Others Define YOUR Trajectory.

Life, circumstances may not turn out to be what you initially dreamed, but we have the ability to roll with the punches, change our dreams and perspective. I find that writing is a way to reveal more of your hidden self. Finding perspective, finding your point of view and voice, not to be hampered by circumstance, dumb luck, misfortune. When we realize we are able to be who we want to be and to shed the expectations of those around us, we realize we are able to be wildly successful.

Continue to refine, work hard, and follow your heart. It’s YOUR life – YOU are the only one who has to live with the consequences of your decisions.

What successes you are thriving in?


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