April 2016: Writing

April 2016: NaNoWriMo Camp

Image Credit: Bikurgurl, April Tulips 2016

April 2016: I’m writing. I’m teaching writing. I’m reading. I’m outside. I’m gardening. I’m painting. I’m living.


What does your April entail?

2 thoughts on “April 2016: Writing

  1. Not much other than work, work and more work on the farm.
    Shifting into town, running two homes and very little time to spend on the computer.
    Sad it’s turned out this way, if I had known I wouldn’t have taken on writing for the A to Z Challenge, as my computer is in town and I only spend about two days there, Tried writing posts and setting them to be posted on the day, it never worked, suppose you have to be a paid member not free.
    Glad you are enjoying everything, that’s the way it should be,
    Blessings to you.

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    1. Good luck — I’ve had spotty luck with scheduling posts. Some work like magic, others post immediately with seemingly no way to *undo* it. Of course, for myself, I wonder if it’s just my lack of tech-knowledge.

      My blog is free, but since I have owned my domain for about a decade or so {and blogged on it on and off through different platforms in the beginning}, I paid to have the WordPress website redirect to my Domain. It sounds complicated, but in reality was like 2 clicks 😉

      I wish you luck in this growing part of your life — it will likely result in many stories to be told!


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