Game Review: Travel Scrabble

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Windows Phone failed me in the low, grey, winter light of the Pacific NW!

We love Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game {Review of regular game, forthcoming}, but this vintage Travel Scrabble game of my parents makes taking the fun on the go so much easier!


Anyone playing Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game” target=”_blank”>Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game needs to have a source to utilize for ensuring words are not only spelled correctly, but are actually words – and everyone has to agree prior to the game beginning what that source is. Welcome:


At least in our family, we have generally resorted to timing turns with our Boggle Timer. We have a few players who get distracted during long turns; and some of us {me, ahem} who, in an effort to get the *best* word – either clever or most points – and takes forever.

Yeah, it’s mostly my fault – the timer 😉

I digress…

If you’ve ever tried to travel with Scrabble, let alone try to play as you travel, it can be an ordeal. This particular model has sticky letters that adhere, temporarily, to the surface of the board and the individual letter holders.

Like regular Scrabble, all words must be real words, no hyphenations, contractions, proper nouns, or anything else not in your previously-agreed-upon Dictionary source. Players take turns making words on the board, connecting through or to previously laid words, in an effort to gain the most points by the end of the game. Again, like in regular Scrabble, points are awarded for not only the clever words you are able to conjure, but also placement on the board to maximize efforts. Double and Triple word score, letter score, and adding a letter to existing words {to get points of both words} are just a few of the moves garnering higher points.

One great additional note regarding the diminutive size of this game – it just makes it cozier, more manageable, than the larger board size. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon word romp!

Time: 45 minutes with 2-3 people; we find that keeping turns to about 3 minutes {Hello Boggle Timer!} can make the game not only go faster, but encourages players to not get distracted between turns

Ease: 3 – Pretty Easy … once you get the gang of it

Rating: 5/5 – As a lover of words, I can’t get enough of this one – travel or regular – but it’s usually reserved for when we have a free afternoon

What games are you playing?


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