Game Review: Boggle

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Image Credit: Bikurgurl, Boggled Words 2016

Game Review: Boggle

  • Easy Peasy
  • 3 minute games
  • Travels Well
  • Players: 1-as many as can see the board!
  • Age Range: Readers and Writers of any age!

The awesome thing about Big Boggle” target=”_blank”>Big Boggle is it’s been around for ages. At my grandmother’s house, you could find all the adults gathered around the kitchen table to play this fun game. Children were encouraged to join in — which was always fun to be added to the adult fun!

I’m confident my love of words, and thereby reading, was enhanced by being invited to play this fun word game with my extended family as a young child. My spelling improved, I learned new words, how to play fair, how to stick-with-it, even if I didn’t score the highest.

As an adult, my husband and I enjoyed playing this game on our honeymoon as well as our first year anniversary at the beach. We’d play in the surf, lay out and read, and pull out Boggle right on the beach and play. Our children are starting to enjoy this game more and more.

It’s usually a good lead-in for our playing Scrabble {another of our favorite word games – I digress}.

How many words do you see? Bikurgurl, 2016

If you’ve never played {is that possible?}, the rules are easy: shake the cubes in the Boggle Box, uncover to reveal the letters while turning over the 3-minute timer, write furiously every word you see — letters must be touching, cannot reuse letters in the same word, and no proper nouns — in the span of that 3 minutes. At the end, we traditionally take turns telling the other players our words, crossing out any duplicates we may have among us. We generally score, for our own satisfaction as we generally just play trying to beat our own scores, per game directions: 3 & 4 letter words are 1 point; 5 letter words are 2 points; 6 letter words are 3 points. Of course, you can {and will!} find longer lettered words – but why spoil all of your fun before you get the game?

With games only 3 minutes long, this is my go-to for a quick game-fix. A family favorite of mine practically since birth, Big Boggle” target=”_blank”>Boggle will always be in our game rotation.

Time: about 3 minutes per game, add at least 5 minutes to check words if you are playing with multiple players

Ease: 1 – Easy Peasy

Rating: 5/5 – As a lover of words, you can play alone or with family and friends 🙂

What games are you playing?


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3 thoughts on “Game Review: Boggle

  1. I love Boggle! I still have the one I used as a kid and now my niece and nephew play with the same!… A big fan of all such games! Probe is another fun word game…. Used to play so many board games as well back then!😊

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