Bikurgurl Monthly Planner/Journal, A Do-It-Yourself Guide – Step 1

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As requested, I’m doing a series of posts about my Monthly Planner/Journal. This is Step 1 of a Do-It-Yourself Guide! Here are Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4.

Background: Stephanie from So Many Stories wrote a post on a “non-review” of the bullet journal. Of course, I love to plan and couldn’t not comment. For your convenience, I’ve added links to my Amazon Affiliates account – which helps me write more on my blog – thanks in advance for clicking through 😉


In brief, there is a planning method called “bullet journaling” by a man who developed this system to personalize an individual’s productivity. I’d love to be more productive, and maybe I should step-in, but there are lots of rules and symbols – much like a scaled-down version of a FDP35414 – Original Dated Daily Planner Refill January-December, 4-1/4 x 6-3/4, 2017” target=”_blank”>Franklin Planner. I LOVE Franklin Planners, but I seriously don’t have the time for all the ins-and-outs. I don’t like to waste the paper if I don’t utilize everyday, but if I do, I find I’m not being as effective.

Don’t get me wrong, I could wax poetic on my love of the Franklin Covey Planner system and subsequent books on effectiveness, time management, and the like – I really could*.

I’ve read them all with great enthusiasm and oftentimes realized that the business and government worlds I was working in was not really made with a woman in mind. They also were not made for a woman who has children on-the-go, not behind a desk all day.

*Franklin Planners
You make me giddy
Your structured pages
are so titillating
I check off items
those that can’t I arrow ahead
but I find in the end
I’m not getting things accomplished
A slave to you instead
Maybe not poetry, but you get the idea. I found I was a slave to the system. Using the system was a goal, but the productivity was too constrained for my creativity once I didn’t have hard-lined deadlines and was instead a stay-at-home-mother. I wasn’t on a computer or at a desk or *gasp* – even sitting without someone on my lap for many years {unfortunately, I have an empty lap now, which is why I was able to restart my blog!}.
I digress.
I mix the idea of numbering the month days in the front, then the rest is for capture. Writing capture, list maker, note taker, commonplace book, sketch book. You can use anything – even a Mead Spiral Notebook, College Ruled, 1 Subject, 70 Sheets, 10.5 x 7.5 Inches, Assorted Colors (05512)” target=”_blank”>spiral notebook – but I prefer the plain paper to keep my creativity free to roam – and these pens:

I also have to say, I used to augment my planner/journal with myhomeschool planner AND an electronic calendar {to sync with my husband}.

Now I use the Happy Planner – and while it isn’t beautiful, I have Scrapbooks for that, it is pretty!

Above: Using a pen that happened to be lying around for contrast – big mistake as it smeared. In. Every. Place.
First: I label the cover with Month/Year & add stickers & drawings
Second: I write the month and year on the inside front page, then I add events and wish list items a-la-cloud fashion
Third: I turn a few pages {keeping them for goals and goal resources} and write a list of numeric days of the month, adding rocks {immovable commitments}
Fourth: I write in my personal commitments {that’s *Smeared* above!}
Fifth: I get started…but more on that…later!

How do you get your planning accomplished?


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7 thoughts on “Bikurgurl Monthly Planner/Journal, A Do-It-Yourself Guide – Step 1

  1. It’s all about my iPhone & iPad for me. I keep everything on it. Calendars, lists, notebooks…. And they are all synced between all devices. I don’t know what I would do without it. Last month I found a cover that lets me mount it on the fridge. I decided to use it on my old unused iPad. Now I have the family calendar up on the fridge for everyone to see whenever they want. And it makes a great TV to watch when cooking dinner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I’m not sure I could go without paper! We don’t do Apple devices {ahem, I don’t do Apple devices!}, but it’s a great solution. Thank you so much for offering it up 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’ll have more that I’ll post tomorrow. It’s was gorgeously sunny today, so I didn’t finish the post – but I did get some of the images posted I took at the Tulip Festival this week. Enjoy!


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