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100 Word Wednesday: My Mother’s Necklace

100 Word Wednesday is an on-going, not-as-frequent-as-I’d-like post on what I’m into, Flash Non-Fiction, in 100 words.

Image Credit: Bikurgurl, Mother’s Necklace 2016

My Mother’s Necklace

From your jewelry box, where I’d spied it for years, a necklace. This vintage necklace, not of jewels, is priceless. You treasured this necklace for years in your jewelry box – but you let me take it with me when I went out on my own.

I’ve worn it. Dressed it up; dressed it down. Every time I look at it, I think of you. Every time I slip it on, I think of how you are doing – what you are doing. I think of your beauty, your strength, your wisdom; your necklace connects us. I miss you. I love you, Mother.


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