Madame Secretary

Image Credit: Bikurgurl, Madame Secretary 2016

I finally made it: Madame Secretary!



I attended my first caucus today. When asking for volunteers, I thought I could best serve by recording the action. It was a {selfish} way to not have to talk politics and be left alone — no one else wanted the job and they were all too happy to discuss without me.

Too often, I talk…and talk…and talk. I didn’t want to talk today — I wanted to take the moment to listen. After getting to the caucus location early, it was thrilling to have the new experience of getting together with neighbors and listening to what other people in my community thought was important. Of course, I didn’t bother to tell any of them that I was a writer – although I think that storyteller is not only more fitting, but more comfortable fit for what I do. I like to tell the story from my point of view.

While my 6 words may not constitute a story to some, for me it is complete. The journey to the decision to even attend, education on the process, the candidates, the issues; the long wait to go, the decision to be involved by recording events — absorbing other people’s stories. It was practically perfection for my practice; I tried to stay true to the characters in the story, capture their essence and quoting key phrases.

These speakers chosen by their peers had not prepared speeches, but literally spoke from their hearts. Hearing their words, inflection – feeling through their words {as I wrote furiously} their movements which told more about their thoughts than they may have even known. The cadence, the rhythm – short stops, exhales, deep breaths, thanking {or not!} the people around them for their attention. Memorizing.


It was also sunny in my neighborhood; mowing the lawn, weeding, mulching, planting, fussing, puttering in the garden….yeah, I did that too 😉

What did you write today?



2 thoughts on “Madame Secretary

  1. You’re an observer. You may like to talk but you also like to be there and watch while what happens, happens. I believe it’s a vital skill. But many people are too busy saying what they have to/need to say to listen and take in the big picture. Blessed Easter!

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