Game Review: Star Wars Monopoly

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Image Credit: Bikurgurl, 2016

Game Review: Star Wars Monopoly

Time: ~ 30 minutes for four players

Ease: Easy

Rating: 4/5 – Great family fun, if your family has exactly 2 or exactly 4 people!

Our boys were sent this fun game from their grandparents {thank you!} and we’ve already enjoyed playing it a handful of times! This is a take on the classic Monopoly, with fewer players and without the cut-throat mentality. Perfect for Family Game Night!

Differences from Classic Monopoly:

  • No Cash – it’s all just *credits*, although papers look like the classic *cash*, to go with the Star Wars Theme
  • Only 4 people {and No Rey, plus Darth Vader who wasn’t in the movie – go figure!} can play, but you play on teams: First Order and Jedi
  • Planets, not properties, are purchased with your credits
  • No houses or hotels – Rent is doubled if one team or person owns all the plants in a system {but your partner only pays half the rent on your planets}
  • No credits in the middle when you land on Free Parking {if you play with that house rule!}
  • All cards are Force and Empire, with alternate endings {see images below}
  • If you run out of credits and can’t pay your debt, “You have it hard enough” – and no money is paid to bank or owed player {note: this is after you give up all your planetary spaces}

Set up only took a few minutes and for my younger son, who isn’t a huge Monopoly fan, it was a much more fun than the hours-long torture of Monopoly {even when we play the *short* way, he’s not a fan}.

It also is geared for families with limited time and maximizing fun time, minimizing negativity. All fun. I’ve read some reviews saying the game is too easy, which is not a problem for us, but may not appeal to all-adult audiences. I was also disappointed that Rey was not depicted in this game – or as some other reviewers have mentioned – no Princess Leia who is actually in the movie, unlike Darth Vader {who is not}.

Overall, it’s quickly become our family’s favorite game so we love it — as long as all four of us are home to play it. Otherwise, the parent playing third wheel plays opposite the children and {always!} loses.

What games are you playing or would like to be reviewed?


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6 thoughts on “Game Review: Star Wars Monopoly

  1. Your reviews of games make such a nice read.I like some lines you wrote like ‘It also is geared for families with limited time and maximizing fun time, minimizing negativity.’ It creates such a beautiful imagery in mind! ‘All fun’ Yes,I can visualize! 🙂

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