Hello! {FFfAW-Week of 02-23-2016}


Image by Ellespeth’s friend.


Crisp air hitting my face, this is the way I want to start my mornings. In this gorgeous town, with nothing to do but enjoy my time here, I stand.

Being here is my experience: living the dream of a fresh start, a new day.

Not so long ago, I wasn’t sure I’d always be standing on this corner. The value of an old face diminishes as lines increase, but she saw value in me. She saw value in my dignity to continue in the community as a pillar of trust, landmark of significance.

Hello, good morning. Let the light warm your backs as you restore me to my former glory.



I’m enjoying these Flash Fiction challenges! Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the 54th week at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers .


15 thoughts on “Hello! {FFfAW-Week of 02-23-2016}

    1. Thank you – I initially thought I would write about a runner coming around the side of the building to the sight of the workers, but then realized it was the building itself that I wanted to be the central focus.

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