Great Breaks: Vacation, February 2016

Great Breaks: Vacation, February 2016


Vacation looks good on me!

If you were wondering why I had a break in posts last week, in a word: Vacation.


I had posts lined up to finish on vacation, I did. I even set one up to auto-post on Wednesday {the 100 Word Wednesday post}, but apparently I expected the High Speed Internet to actually be accessible at our hotel. Although promised, the connection was fuzzy at best. I was irritated, and a little stressed, then I decided:


So I did! I actually wrote quite a bit once I got over the fact that I couldn’t be blogging daily. I also realized that I should have auto-set all my posts to go and not worried about the Internet connection at all. It was, in fact, vacation.

I’m feeling invigorated to write more, make blogging a fun {albeit unnecessary} part of the process.

Thanks for stopping by while I was out, I think I’m caught up on the gracious comments and am still reading others blogs I missed while on vacation. I’ll have lots to post in the coming weeks and look forward to participating in more #3LineTales and {Flash Fiction}.

Until then…

The time spent together on vacation as a family – enjoying the sunshine – was definitely worth it! It’s all about the Margin and putting FamilyFirst!


What are you enjoying today?


6 thoughts on “Great Breaks: Vacation, February 2016

  1. Completely understand the frustration of bad internet when trying to blog. I found some of the worst hotel internet possible when I was trying to blog from the road on our road trip in 2014. It was bad! Did not know I was so spoiled living in the big city.

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  2. Maybe – I’m working on my post from my vacation, trying to decide if I should cut it down or break it into parts…or just let the rambling continue! The lack of Internet access was a little frustrating at first, but was a forcing function to just write by hand {from the heart} and spend time with my family….it was vacation after all – Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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