100 Word Wednesday: Meals @ My House

We have a loose schedule of meals. Pasta Monday, Taco Tuesday, Soup-er Wednesday, Asian Thursday, Make-Your-Own-Pizza-Friday. Setting the expectation of what genre of food we will consume as a family has been predictable and made meals, even those not really enjoyed by all, at least not a fight. But then, tragedy strikes — you don’t make it home for dinner, you forget to pick up an ingredient at the store, and the dreaded I-never-want-to-eat-another-carrot-as-long-as-I-live-child (true story, happened last week here!).
I’ve invested time, money, and love into nutritious dinner options. In the end hungry people {ahem, children} don’t want to eat.
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a 100 Word Wednesday post. I’ve been really interested in writing in other Flash Fiction and haven’t focused as much on my non-fiction here. Hope you enjoy my take on my part of the world!

What are you preparing to eat today?

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