The Long Road of Homeschooling {otherwise known as Education}

The Long Road of Homeschooling {otherwise known as Education}

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This time of year can be difficult for many people. With the low light levels in the Northern Hemisphere, some people have seasonal disorders, get disgruntled with routine, or want to just curl up and read {or is that just me?}.

It’s no different for our children. We find that this season can be difficult to get up in the dark, in the snowy {or here, rainy!}, cold mornings. We find that this time of year can be challenging until I remember —

There is a different rhythm for this season.

Just like in summer we take breaks with homemade frozen smoothies, in the winter we take breaks with hot tea, reading together, fun games, and be permissive of the season. If we catch a bit of sun, we embrace it. We go outside, forgoing the book work and chores of the house, and play in the sun. We know that there will be other days when we’re tired and the drizzle is relentless. We also know there will be days where all we want to do is ride bikes in the rain – that’s part of the season – part of life.

The road to homeschooling – any education – is long. There can be time for splashing in puddles, following rainbows, taking the long way around, and drinking hot tea. The adage is that, ‘the days are long, but the years are short’. This is easy to forget when the children are grumbling and I haven’t had enough coffee. When I wonder, ‘Why did we start homeschooling? Why did I get married and have children? Why can’t I sleep for 5 more minutes?’ – it’s the season, it’ll pass. It’s part of the process of renewal – of things to come.

So what if we don’t get our work done today? So what if we put it off?

Consequences for putting off a day of math, a writing exercise, a history project – does it matter if we need that time? Do we need to worry about the time lost? I don’t think so. Spending the time recharging, building each other up, enjoying the season of the year – but also of life. When my children were little, it was splashing in puddles {okay, some days we still splash in puddles!} – these days it’s starting our work more slowly, with some reluctance, and taking time for the sun and each other.

Learning to crochet, watching magic shows, dropping everything to play a board game, imaginative play games — these are the hallmarks of the season. We’ll have plenty of time to make up the schoolwork, but when inspiration hits in this dark time of the year, I try to remember it’s a time to grasp it – pounce on it – embrace it.

The homeschooling road is long. Any education we get – it’s a process. If we learn that learning is not fun, we learn that learning is a drag, we’re reluctant to learn. We balk at the process. We can’t get excited about getting out of bed when it’s still dark, just to do worksheets, write a paper, slog through the day. Instead, if we decide it’ll be fun {like on our early day, we’ve instituted Doughnut Mornings} and we’ll make the best of our time together, it can make all the difference.

Today is our Doughnut Morning ~ and it does make all the difference!


Do you have a Doughnut Morning routine in your long road?


I’m trying out some new topics and I love the idea of Flash Fiction, but I wanted to explore a fast non-fiction kind of topic. I just wrote, in one go, and will post without making any edits. I realize, even now, that my topic moved by the end and I likely would go back and construct the piece to be more about the Doughnut Mornings, but I find it’s part of the process. Get it out, write it down, go back later, make it work – but some days, I just want to get something out and that’s the bigger process of this blog.

I am finding my rhythm; playing with voice, topics, and technology.

What do you think? Thanks for reading!

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