100 Word Wednesday: Those PUPS

Those PUPS

You snooze in the sun, shed through the house, forever forgetting to wipe your feet. Your happy tail wags, your cold nose investigates – bellowing barks alerting and communicating to us your thoughts. InstagramCapture_e8867100-c362-49e8-b243-f96c27854ffa

Always eager for a walk or a pet. Playing fetch with a bone, ball, or toy: you bring us so much happiness. We can’t imagine why anyone would not welcome you into their home, give you the love, companionship, you so eagerly pour upon us.

Being your caretakers, your family, has been rewarding and a privilege. We adopted you, you adopted us, we can’t imagine life without you.



100 Word Wednesdays are fun! I just pick a picture from the week and quickly write down 100 words to share with you. I barely edit, write what comes first, and try to keep it in prose! Random thoughts for random images.

I posted this picture on Instagram last week. These are our rescue pets, Darkpaw and Kemo, whom we adopted from the amazing P.U.P. – a local pet rescue that matches their homeless pets with loving homes and families. I am a huge supporter of animal rescues and want to share our rescue pet love!

Do you have a rescue pet? A pet you love? I’d love to see pictures of them in the comments below!

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