Game Review: Dino X Team – T-Rexcavator Game

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Image Credit: Bikurgurl 2016, Uncle Milton Dino X-Team T-Rexcavator Game

Game Review: Uncle Milton Dino X-Team T-Rexcavator Game

Half Paleontology, half Operation game? Yes!

This fun game mixes the fun of being a paleontologist without having to excavate a site. By using the attached excavating tweezers, players draw a card and answer the trivia question about the Tyrannosaurus Rex, then take their turn trying to extract {or excavate} the bones, skull, or egg of the T. Rex.

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Rating: 4/5 stars

Ease: Easy Peasy

We’ll definitely be playing this again! It’s one of those short-term games in our house as once you’ve played it a few times and figured out the tricks for getting the bones out, as well as read through the game cards, the thrill may be gone. However, had my boys had this game when they were a bit younger — say 5-7 years old — it would have been in a regular rotation of games!

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