Three Line Tales: Meat

This is a new feature {well, maybe!} of Sonya @ Only 100 Words – is a writer I thoroughly enjoy following! The idea? 3 lines about the picture, no matter how long or short, but only three lines! I linked up — and take a whirl, it could be fun for you to do too!

Thanks for the inspiration!Thanks for the inspiration!


photo by Annie Spratt

Wet noses, warm hearts, tagged ears, clear eyes.

Seeing their future as the steaks and hamburger they will become.

Clean. Soft. resigned.


15 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Meat

    1. I was thinking that it’s such a shame that they were born to be eaten. They look so lovely, soft, warm, and clean. I want to snuggle with them (if I can avoid the cowpies!). Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Educating myself on where food comes from is empowering for me in my own life and I have to believe that it is empowering to others as well. I’m a recovering omnivore; I had eaten a vegan diet for several years prior to my surgeries last year and am conscious of the living things that perish to provide my body nourishment. I think there is a fine line between condemnation of food choices and informed food choices. These cattle appear, to my unknowledgeable-bovine eyes, to be well cared for. However, the tags on their ears certainly denote that these are not cattle intended to be pets, these are cattle intended for slaughter. Acknowledging their lives, as well as their deaths, is important to me — without judgement — because it’s a choice. Eating, or consuming calories, is necessary for life. How a person chooses to do that is not for me to judge, but I also feel it is important for every persons’ health to know how their choices affect their own health, as well as the health of the beings being consumed, and the earth at large. It’s a balance {and it’s also a topic that blossomed from an essay to a book I’m working on!}. Thank you for your thoughts and stopping by!


      1. Pamela, thank you so much for your comment! You are not alone!! Most people like to see the images of “happy cows” on the side of their milk containers and imagine all animals they consume have led a life of frolicking through the fields. While that may be true of some animals raised for consumption, it certainly isn’t true of all. I know that there are many proponents of animal rights who like to shock with horrifying images of animals. While I understand the mindset to horrify, I don’t think that’s the most effective way to educate people on where their food comes from. Whether we’re discussing the many instances of e. coli outbreaks in vegetables or poor animal living conditions, people deserve to be empowered to know where their food comes from and not allow big business to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes because of our weak stomachs. Having been raised in a family where hunting occurs, it’s a respect of not only the art of the hunter but also of the animal hunted.

        I look forward to sharing more with you — it’s not about never eating meat, never eating another animal; it’s more about being mindful of what goes into your body and how that affects your body, your health, your environment.

        Thank you so much for your comment – it’s brave to admit that you don’t want to know where your food comes from. You are not alone. You are speaking the minds of the vast majority of the population whom does not raise their own food for consumption. Thank you for giving voice to those concerns.


  1. Hey there! I thought I had already commented on your 3 Line…but alas, no, just on my comments on my post. I enjoyed reading your comment replies above to the other bloggers. As you probably know from my 3 Line rendition, I’m vegan. Without going into too much here, it really is the overall system that is a big, big mess – environmentally, animal-welfare wise, antibiotic-resistant wise, and so forth, wouldn’t you say? Good luck on your book. I’d love to hear more about it when the time comes!

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