Bikurgurl – Saving my life right now: February 2016

Taking a page from the Modern Mrs. Darcy, I’m all about rallying the troops through winter — although truth be told, I love this time of year! However, with a busy theatre rehearsal schedule and a still-not-yet-put-together-home-post-construction, there are quite a few things that are., in no particular order…

Saving my life right now!


1. Fresh Squeezed Citrus – my boys have been loving oranges, lemons, and limes and making fresh juice — divine!


2. Written Routine — even though this is the regular flow, there’s something about it being written down that makes everything flow so much better!


3. Wood Floors — that can be easily swept up! What a life saver, time saver, energy saver…LOVE solid surface flooring! (even if this is a shot of the WIP!)


4. Hot Tea – the boys enjoy decaf with milk and sugar, I enjoy Licorice – or herbal tea with lemon for scratchy throats. In addition to my black coffee and red wine ~ It’s all good this time of year!


5. Piano — we happily pluck away on it, friends have entertained us with memorized works, and it’s been fantastic just having it available to bring more music into our home.


That’s me and my handsome husband – one of my biggest fans!


6. My Community — Family, Friends, On-Line Writers (especially The Caffeinated Writer who where I will be guest posting — YAY!) are offering their help and support. It’s amazing what can happen when you open yourself to it. (Thanks for your kind advice M.R. Bauer (of The Beta Reader Blog) and Kara Anderson (Quill and Camera) — it was humbling that you took the time to give your two cents!)


7. Technology Learning Curve– challenges and new frontiers (for me!) in Instagram, Twitter, and Beyond! I’m adding to what I already know, like Facebook, and learning a ton — which is delightful! I’m even linking up ~ and will be posting my newbie experiences (funny to those of you in the know, I’m sure~)!

What’s Saving You Right Now?



8 thoughts on “Bikurgurl – Saving my life right now: February 2016

    1. Thanks! I’ll take it as a compliment — I’m working on taking good pictures with my phone to have one less thing I have to carry with me! We’ve really enjoyed them! I wish I’d gotten pictures of the lemons and limes that they made into juice, but just didn’t think of it. There’s always time after the next grocery!

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    1. How inspiring! I’ve got running on my to-do list for this month! I had an injury I was recovering from when I had my surgeries last year; recovering from those took forever, now I’m back to strengthening my knee! Thank you for the inspiration!

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