Rhythm from Inspiration!

I got the question a lot when we began homeschooling, and sadly now with our many activities our days aren’t filled with read-alouds, art, and creative play, but I wanted to have a visual rhythm to model our days.



Drawing inspiration from fellow homeschooling mother, Rachel Wolf, I used her guide to creating a Routine for our homeschooling.


CREDIT: Rachel Wolf, Lusa Organics


The only thing that doesn’t work with this is that we have drastically different days. Almost daily. So unlike Rachel Wolf, who provided the inspiration for our Rhythm Chart, we find that we look at this chart as a reference, but not the end-all. We travel a lot day-to-day and always try to find ways to have game days with friends or go experience something new, field trips, and library runs.

Sans the super-cool re-purposed spice tins. I had tons of these, but they were literally put in the recycling last year as I purged. Ah, well, at least I have less stuff and kept the magnets that meant a lot to us {however, the boys have been saying we can purge the Lightening McQueen magnets too!}.

I first saw the link to this chart earlier this week {my apologies, I’m blanking on who!} and saw it again on Jaime’s Simple Homeschool Weekend Links — it reminded me I wanted to get a quick post out and hopefully pass on the good karma of written routine!

I’ll post about “I” charts I read about this week — we’re loving them!!

What’s inspired you this week? 


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3 thoughts on “Rhythm from Inspiration!

  1. I would think that being organized and interesting would be 2 of the toughest obstacles to overcome when homeschooling. I am sure Pinterest and other places on the Internet help with ideas. We didn’t have that when my son was asking to be home-schooled. Back then you had to sign up with a church school and be monitored by them. times are changing for the better in both Homeschooling and the Internet!

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    1. Actually, the homeschool laws are very accommodating in the Pacific Northwest. Because homeschooling is becoming much more mainstreamed, we have much more flexibility to school which allows my family to really follow our children’s interests. Thanks for your thoughts!

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