What is it about seeing a rainbow? They aren’t unicorns, leprechauns, or mermaids. They exist.


They come out, illuminate the sky, and sometimes — you can even catch two at a time.

If you do, are you certain it was always there? Have you missed the second?

Is it in the missing that we gain, or in the realization that there is more that we strive to do better. We strive to look for what can be, not what is not, possible.

When I think about the lucky hand fate has dealt me, I realize that I am fortunate. I have my relative health, I have my family, friends.

I also have my faith. God holds me in the hollow of His hand. He does not forget me. He does not forget you.

When we look around, we can see many things. We don’t all always see the same thing. It’s through our unique scope, perspective — that’s where life happens. It happens in the beginning – from the first glance, the thought, the provocation. What do you do? What is your reaction?

That is the story. Therein lies the tale.

When I consider my own story, or the stories I want to tell, I realize I have a voice. I can be heard. I want to be heard. I want others to listen. Whether it’s the fireside tall tale meant for a little fightening fun, history, or facts. I want to be heard.

We all want to be heard — but do we listen?

Do we follow the siren call? Do we lean on our faith? Family? Friends? Do we realize the hand we’ve been dealt —  that is our story. We have a purpose, a meaning. We can be a positive impact on others, we can change the fate of the world. If we rise up with our plastic spoons and proclaim: I AM HERE! We will be heard.

But what if we choose to not follow our passion, if we follow someone else’s siren call? Are we left to be unsatiated? Unsatisfied with life? Will we be left to drown in the sea of others sorrows and misfortunes, and by extension, our own disappointment and abandonment of our life’s work?

In a word: yes.

You can turn the tide. You can, “Be the Change you want to see in the world” — you can make a difference. You can be heard. You can have the perspective. YOU have the power to imagine the impossible — and then do it over and over again.

Such is the life of a dreamer, an artist, a teller of tales.

Passion brings us into this world – Passion is the mark we can leave…What’s your Passion?



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