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I’m loving this reclaimed hardwood being laid, by hand, in a family kitchen! The idea of using what you have, getting back to basics, and loving your space…. THIS is the kind of on-going construction I want in my life!

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Thinking about the on-going construction in my life and home, as well as others, getting really literal gives me a baseline from where to start. Under Construction. Thinking about obscure projects and ideas without a literal image – well – I often scratch my head and wonder what the hell…

But getting your hands dirty, actual construction — this I love. Much like our own home, this home is getting extended hardwood. Simplicity and continued surfaces. Easier living in your home, easier caring for your home. Easier to get out and do the things we want to do and not be weighed down with the laundry list of projects or things left undone. This blogger has reclaimed hardwood that she and her family are laying in the heart of her home.

As an avid baker and maker, this will certainly add a level of continuity and calmness to her daily activities and will likely make her more productive as a result. I am realizing in my own home that making these streamlining changes, and leaving our living spaces more sparse with air to breathe, makes me feel lighter, freer, more creative. I love my spaces more now than I ever have — and I love the lightness of less stuff.

Thank you so much for sharing — I can’t wait to see the finished project!

What is under construction in your life?

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In My Tiny Kitchen

The Tiny is getting a redo. We’re going to be a little bit bigger. Unified hardwood with the rest of the house. A little more countertop made from concrete. Undercounter fridges and a big ass sink. Right now it’s a mess and I’m exhausted so I won’t finish my post on Kamut. Instead I’ll show you pictures. Of the mess. I’ll update when things are looking more kitchen-like and maybe I’ll finish my other posts. Cheers!

IMG_0379 extraction

IMG_0412 bringing reclaimed hardwood into the original kitchen space; spending a little quality time with the 80 yr old subfloor

IMG_0431 cement work is detailed

IMG_0465 the pour; can you imagine ever cooking in this space??

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2 thoughts on “{Ramblings On} Make Over

  1. Thanks for the reblog Bikurgurl!! It is liberating to really alter normal routines- all still healthy & together- but all the stuff out of place, much not in use (needed?), deep satisfaction knowing I can do this. Here’s to hoping we meet our 3/4 done deadline!!!

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