Hello Construction!

Hello! From under construction to mid-construction.

message left for our crew from my oldest son

As we have almost finished the cleaning and moving articles of our home back into place, we’ve also taken this opportunity to further minimize the number of items in our home. As I’m reading through The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up for the second time, I’m letting the words and the lifestyle wash over me. Absorbing the basis of the book, “…to live in the most natural state possible.” (p. 197).

I can tell you, living in a construction zone — not natural. Constantly cleaning up dust, at these levels, not fun long-term. However, in the end, we have something to show for it. A space that we love, seamless flooring, and a new appreciation for our home and the limited number of items in it.

When moving back into our main living area, we literally did have to touch every object that came back in. We held it, lifted it, moved it, cleaned it. Many items needed maintenance, like new felt pads on the bottoms of our chair legs, and some are still in the garage or a bedroom – I’d say many of those items won’t make it back in – while others we bid a fond farewell — good riddance!.

One last goodbye to my cassette tapes — oh songs of yesteryear!

The items moving back into our space? Desks! My husband and I haven’t had proper desks for a number of years. We’d used a variety of tables, mixed with filing cabinets, shelving, and bookcases.

However, we decided that we just can’t improve upon the function of an actual desk: To hold things, work on, store items, provide order, and visual ground the space.

I’dlove nothing more to cart one of the teacher desks from my parents house on the other side of the country here, but being very impractical because one would likely not fit through the door, we went to our trusted Ikea!


Ikea Hemnes Desk

Ode to Ikea


How I

Love Thee Flat

Packing, Mashed Potatoes, Lingonberry

Sauce – You are

a true


We initially wanted very minimalist desks, but after evaluating surface space and what we were planning to use the desks for, we realized that having traditional desks made the most sense. We wouldn’t have to have separate pieces of furniture for all our organizational and storage needs, we could have identical desks to streamline the space. My husbands’ desk will hold all the electronics, like the router and the printer, as well as the home phone and his few office items. My desk, however, is the workhorse. Where I hope to do a fair share of my writing, but really much of my homeschool planning and organizing. Sorting through my homeschool materials is quite another task. Pictures forthcoming.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Intermittent internet outage, coupled with my #EdgeFail issues on my laptop, I’m actually beginning to enjoy living in our home again! Of course, we have some more construction coming this year. A bathroom that’s 30 years old in desperate need of attention, but I am not dwelling on it today!

I’m focusing on the fun, because life is always mid-construction.

What is your focus? How are those resolutions coming along that some of you made, or are you more focused on an idea — like our year of quality?


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12 thoughts on “Hello Construction!

  1. This is so true: “I’m focusing on the fun, because life is always mid-construction.” and it’s how I’m feeling right now. I wish you much luck in tidying up and clearing out the unneeded. I need to schedule some time to do that.

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    1. Marie Kondo says the only way to do it is in “one go”; I’m not really doing it that way, but I see the wisdom in doing it all at once and being done with it! Good luck and looking forward to reading more of your writing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know what you mean! You are producing great content; maybe the struggle makes the work more valuable? Always looking for the positive spin! Congrats and looking forward to reading more!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. We did too. Okay, actually, since we still have a dual cassette stereo, we kept as many that would fit in my cassette tape holders! However, when I move them downstairs into the newly floored space, I’ll likely part with more! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts!

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