Game Review: Ticket to Ride, USA

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Game Review: Ticket To Ride

In a word: Addictive!

During my recoveries from Ovarian Tumor removal last year, my husband and I played a lot of Ticket To Ride {as well as Ticket to Ride Europe, but I’ll save that for another post}.

And makes for a wonderful New Years Eve Board Game Night!


The object of the game is to get the most points, as indicted by not only the number of trains you lay, but also the groupings as more trains in a section garner more points (you can see the point system, lower right hand corner of the board). You draw routes that are worth different amounts of points, based on difficulty, and are given points for longest route and most destination cards completed.

Since my surgeries, I always play black. My husband, he’ll play different colored trains, But, for a while, I had a hard time remembering my place and details after surgery, and using the black trains just stuck. Not to mention, black is my favorite color {or, scientifically speaking, the absence of color}.

We also play with the Expansion Pack:

There are 45 trains per color. Some sets have one color that will come with an extra train or two, so be sure to count them out when you play — the difference of one train can break you! Comparatively, if you accidentally knock one on the floor (or your dog eats one — which hasn’t happened yet, but totally could!), you may not make all your destinations.

With two players, my husband and I can play this game in about 45 minutes. It’s super fun, there’s strategy, and we enjoy it just for the two of us — our boys like playing too, but when I say we played this a lot during my recovery, we played hundreds of games…if only I had taken pictures of them all!

What’s your favorite version of Ticket to Ride?


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