{Ramblings On} Creativity and Corkboards

{Reblogged) had to tweet this out – so true about cleaning out the clutter both physically and mentally!

Isn’t this picture just the best. It reminds me so much of the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”


{Note to self: Put this book on my 2016 Reading List!}

To declutter my proverbial corkboard, to clear my mind, to allow the research and path that has led me to where I am today — in my writing, in my life, with my children.

It’s my past. It’s where I was and it’s the story of how I got here, but it’s not my future. It’s not necessarily my joy, it’s not the image I necessarily want to see day-in, day-out. I want to certainly remember the challenges and trails, the missteps and missed opportunities, the mistakes and regrets, but I do not want to dwell on them.

The dwelling on them is where your future is halted and you get stuck in your past. You get stuck in the headspace emotionally and physically cannot move forward. You cannot get to the next story, to the next idea, to the next jump in life. You’re literally immobilized by the baggage of your past.

Let it go.

Let go of the regrets, the mistakes, the missed opportunities, and live in the now. Pick yourself up, or pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and get it together, gurl. You have this moment in time, you have this day. That’s all you have. We are not promised tomorrow, there is no second chance at this moment in time. Regret serves nothing but your failure. Failure to learn, failure to live.

Don’t allow your past to define you. Don’t allow your future to be clouded by yesterdays. Give yourself the grace, the space, the adundance of life it so richly deserves.

You so richly deserve.

You are worth it. Your future is worth it. For you, not for anyone else, you believe in yourself. You live your dream. Don’t wait for the chance to come and find you – it often will not. You will have to work for it, sacrifice for it, struggle, and overcome challenges for it. You may not get exactly what you want. Your wildest dreams may never come true. If you never try you’ll never know.

And what if they do?

What if you follow your dreams, your desires, you live your life and by virtue of following your passion you find that you are literally, ‘Livin’ the Dream’?


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The Renegade Press


Imagine that your mind is a corkboard. It’s brand new; you haven’t yet amassed any photographs, receipts, or quotes to affix to it. Which means that right now it is lacking of any pinpricks, thumbtacks, or sticky notes taped to its surface. It is almost smooth to the touch; but if you run your hand over the cork there are small imperfections that snag on your palm where the face of the board is split to allow pins to sink into it. And there is a thin veneer of pine acting as a frame.

It sounds exciting doesn’t it? When someone asks you about your creative cognizance aren’t you just dying to tell them all about your plain brown corkboard that is completely devoid of any imagination or creativity?

…Probably not. But in actual fact so much of our creative impulses are unconsciously developed upon a mental corkboard nailed into…

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