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{Ramblings On} Creative waves

Bravery living in your own truth…and writing your way through. I’m loving the brutal honesty — thank you for sharing, Robin!

Robin T. Galt wrote on writing in Creative Waves….on her blog,

As I steel away the midnight, pre-dawn, hours, writing. I live my truth in the darkness, in the light…I’m working towards a goal. Slowly, patiently, with practice and persistence.

Are you living in your own truth? Are any of us?


This means the writing is good — you don’t want it to be at arms length

Robin T. Galt

Today was aΒ wild day.

In short, I took my kids to preschool, ran two miles, was hypomanic for a few hours, resumed motherhood responsibilities, rested in the afternoon (in other words, came down), went sled-riding with my kids, fed the family, bathed the kids, put them to bed, and now I am riding the calm.

My mind is focusedΒ and relaxed. Or as relaxed as possible. And I am learning a hell of a lot about myself by writing about my highs and lows on this blog. I am bipolar, you see.

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