100 Words Wednesday: My son, the Bibliophile

My oldest son reads. And reads. And reads.


Reading books 3 times for mastery:

The first read, he experiences the story. The second read, he picks up on nuances or details he may have overlooked in his haste to enjoy the story. The third read, he solidifies questions, but also takes a critical look at the work.

At 11, yes: he’s a serious reader. Bibliophile. Future editor, perhaps?

Comics, classics, poetry, playwriting: he devours with zeal. The burning question: “What will happen next?”

Curiosity, love of life, passion for words, interesting characters, plot twists, light versus dark: his imagination afire, he reads.


11 thoughts on “100 Words Wednesday: My son, the Bibliophile

  1. I love it! For having inspired it, but even more for what you wrote about. A child who reads voraciously, what more could you wish for?

    Oh, 100 Word Wednesday is a great name, as well 🙂

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    1. You are so kind! I really appreciate your taking the time to comment!!

      And yes – my voraciously reading child is a blessing and inspiration! He has outread me for years — and I am constantly challenged to provide him challenging reading material that is still age appropriate. We are working our way through several reading lists, but at the end of the day, there is no book off-limits.

      Thank you so much again! You’ve made my day!!

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      1. Mine is five and only just starting to read. She’s always coming up with excuses why she can’t go to bed yet, but when I tell her that I won’t read her a bedtime story then, she drops everything and goes to bed. So I have hopes she’ll turn into bookworm, too 🙂

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      2. My oldest son started reading very early, but I also read, encourage reading, and we read at bedtime. My husband has taken over the majority of the nighttime reading lately with family read alouds — and it’s really encouraged my younger son to realize that he, too, could be a reader — it wasn’t just my older sons *thing*.

        If you’re interested, you may want to consider reading books off of the Mensa Reading List — we have been reading off of it for years and enjoyed almost all of the stories! I wrote a quick post about it on my blog, but have a more in-depth post in-process. I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the month!


        Thank you so much again for your thoughts and you’re already doing what you need to do to have a great reader!


  2. This is some of the most beautifully written non-fiction I’ve seen 🙂 who knew the truth could be interesting? 😛
    Great to see such community on here as well (I’m found this through Sonya’s blog) – glad such friendships are alive and well!
    Will have a proper look round your blog now 🙂

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      1. You’re very welcome, it’s well deserved! Definitely a supportive place – you’ll see the same friendly faces on plenty of different blogs! Looking forward to more pieces from you

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