Welcome 2016 — and the dreaded technology issues!

You remember this scene from Office Space, right? Printer from hell.


{You haven’t seen Office Space? You MUST take time to watch it!!}

Yes, I feel that way about my laptop. I love it when it works; I want to destroy it when it doesn’t. The frustration level when expectations are not met.


I’ve missed writing my blog, the posts I had to autopost did not post, frustration level rises. While I suppose there could be a small possibility it’s user error {who? me?}, I suspect that the *wonderful* new Microsoft Edge browser and constant updates, coupled with my new laptop — which seemingly enjoys jumping ahead several days at a time — are at the crux of my frustration.


On the flip side, I’ve been writing a lot. Jotting down thoughts, storylines, and developing characters. Maybe the unintentional laptop mishaps are all for a greater cause?

I love that mug!

I’ve re-posted a few fun links over on my Bikurgurl Blog Facebook Page — it’s a slowly moving thing, but I’m enjoying getting my blog up and running when I have the chance.

I absolutely LOVE the new post by Kara at Quill & Camera: So I’ve figured out the key to everything!

Kara really has articulated so well what I’ve been thinking myself!

In other news, the construction is finished — yay! The floors are beautiful! Light and Bright, sparse and splendid! Now that the project is complete, we’re getting what I’ve been wanting for years — an upright piano! One of our neighbors decided last year that they were finished with the piano and offered it for free to a new home – we just need movers to move it in and it’s ours. We’ll receive it later this week and I cannot wait!


We had a lovely Christmas – really a staycation! We spent some much needed time at home resting, relaxing, moving back into our downstairs that had to be emptied for the floors to be installed and/or refinished. It was a labor of love, but we’re slowly moving back in and not just looking at beautiful floors. Although, truth be told, I loved just looking at those beautiful floors!

We all were a little under the weather over break, but really enjoyed being together — playing board games, video games, reading, watching movies…ah! Love having that down time!

I’ll be working on blogging this afternoon. I have lots to share, lots to tell, and even more to ask you about! I look forward to all that 2016 has to bring!

What have you been up to?


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5 thoughts on “Welcome 2016 — and the dreaded technology issues!

  1. And here is the reason that my computer is having so many issues: Microsoft Edge!

    I’ve updated with the fun screenshot — thanks to Kara at Quill and Camera {karaanderson.com} for helping identify the issue!


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