New Years Eve Games We LOVE!

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We love board games. We enjoy some video games, but we truly love board games. My husband and I go on binges with them. On our honeymoon, when we got the food poisoning and torrential rain kept us in the cabin, it was Classic Upwords Board Game; on our first year wedding anniversary at the beach sipping alcohol in the surf, it was Big Boggle and Yahtzee Classic; we’ve had a couple family Christmas arguments over Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game {…but I think we’ve all matured since then – I think} 🙂

And yes, the tile-lock version is a must, as well as an agreed upon dictionary, for all those, shall we say, “creative” words?

However, in the last year since my surgery, we’ve been playing tons of Ticket To Ride – both the Ticket To RideUSA and Ticket To Ride – Europe” target=”_blank”>Ticket To Ride Europe versions {as well as their expansion packs}.

Another fun game we started playing during my surgery recoveries is Catan 5th Edition{which we’re playing this afternoon!}:


They  are fun strategy games — and can be played by children as young as 8 (our younger son wins a lot!) and enjoyed by people of any age. After playing the games for a while, my husband and I will pull Ticket to Ride out for a quick 40 minute game before we go to bed. So much fun!

We’ll be playing marathon board games on New Years Eve!

What are your traditions for New Years Eve?


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