As I begin my post about What Worked for Me in 2015, I realize I have failed to articulate what margin is to me.


Margin: Space

From my post, here is where I am in the process of making margin this season of my life:

  • Packed schedules, be gone! When we started homeschooling, one of the things I cherished was we were the only people who could put demands on our schedule. We started going to park days, playgroups, field trips, workshops, classes, baseball, piano, and the list kept growing.
  • What we were missing was that essential key of minimalism: SPACE. Not just physically being uncluttered, but mentally — and schedule-ly, uncluttered. Yes. It’s a word in my vernacular.
  • Sometimes having an afternoon, a weekend, a week, or maybe just 10 minutes. Something for yourself, your children, your family. Build in the downtime to be able to enjoy yourself, your family, your life. It’s happening all around you – Stop and Enjoy IT!

Honestly, Living Lightly and Family First are intricately intertwined in why margin is such a necessity.


How do you define Margin in your life?

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