{Ramblings On} 3 ways to make this Christmas easier, homeschool mama (but mostly a story)

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As I mentioned in the comments section of Kara’s blog post, 3 ways to make this Christmas easier. I am a creature of habit. I had my own traditions from youth; making The Elf part of my family tradition was not something I ever thought about. I would talk to friends and see on Myspace (yes, it’s been awhile!), Facebook, or even talk to them in person about where they were hiding The Elf, what The Elf’s name was, what The Elf would bring the children. It seemed like a lot of work to me and as Kara explains, there were always thoughts of ventriloquist dummies and Chucky from the 80’s!

The Elf was never on my radar as a tradition or tool I was interested in using until someone mentioned on Facebook that they use The Elf to express gratitude. Every day, The Elf would give the gift of thankfulness. Brilliant! Another friend mentioned they could use it to read different Bible verses. Yet another friend doesn’t use The Elf, but instead reads a seasonal library book every day in December — lovely!

However, some of us are buried this year. Buried in construction (me!), or work — health issues, family obligations, or just are tired. I love the permission to LET GO! Allow Margin to be a part of your season.

Live Lightly

Allow your family, yourself, the permission to not keep up the traditions that aren’t working for you. If they aren’t working today, this season, in the foreseeable future. It’s okay. Let go — and enjoy your children, your pets, your family, your friends.

Thank you so much for your hilarious (albeit cautionary!) tale and bringing home the truth in Simplicity – MarginLiving Lightly! What are you willing to let go to gain more in your life?


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