2015: The Year of Less…Live Lightly!

2015: The Year of Less

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– What has this been for us? We began the year with a vision we needed less — less stress, less stuff, fewer commitments, fewer expenses….


What this really meant was more. More of all the things that we want to have in our lives: time together, time with our children, making memories, enjoying traditions, seeing family and friends. Family First!

As I began to write about these things in my journals and free-writing exercises, talked to family and friends, and began thinking about how we could live with less in lives, what we decided we needed is change. An evolution if you will. Creating time, both mentally and physically, in our lives is most important to my husband and me.

When it became clear that my little surgery was going to be a lot more, it was cancer, I literally did become less. Undergoing a complete hysterectomy, I am surgically less. The beginning of my new life had began.

I have read about minimalism for years and with all these changes, decided to continue to take steps towards becoming unencumbered with the superfluous. By carrying less


physically, emotionally, and literally, we can embrace life and each other more.

Live Lightly

I am a biologist, a dual graduate in environmental studies. As such, I have a great desire to have less impact on our world. While every decision, every choice, can be questioned, I am fatally flawed: human. I accept I am human and give myself grace.

Imperfect in an imperfect world.

However, intentionally living in our world with the idea that it’s okay to live in your truth, live by your own own moral compass, live within your own best self, allows you to rise to the challenge of embracing your own convictions. I don’t want to judge or be judged, I just want to listen and be heard.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Live Lightly — I love the idea of it, the sound of it. Fleshing it out in my writing, considering what it is, what it can be, and how I can influence change is exciting. How can I look within myself to focus on what matters most: relationships, not things. How do I encourage others to look within? I think we all have this innate desire within us to make relationships a priority. Relationships with our families, relationships with WP_20151016_009ourselves: we should take each day as a treasure of our own; it’s worth it.

You are worth it.

Following your true center, moral compass, the goodness that is within your heart: allow it to shine through….and share your beauty with those you care about most.


Can you, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’?

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