Our Rescue Dog!

Why rescue a pet? Why did we choose rescue animals?

When we were considering adding a new family member, a dog, to our family, we knew we would choose a rescue dog. Millions of dogs, cats, and other animals are abandoned or without homes world-wide. In our community, we are fortunate to have many local organizations to assist animals in finding “Forever” homes.


We looked at many organizations when deciding to rescue our first pet, and chose People United for Pets (P.U.P.). I knew I wanted to add a dog to the family, but the boys wanted a dog that could be their pet. We had a few deciding factors when choosing a dog:

  • Size: My children wanted a small dog, I wanted a large dog. In the end, a small dog better suited our living situation (renters) and lifestyle (young children) than a large dog.
  • Breed preference: We had no real preference other than to choose a rescue dog, likely of mixed breed.
  • Skill Sets: Please, please don’t poop or pee in the house. Oh, and don’t chew up all our furniture! Other than the obvious, we had no real expectations.
  • Personality: This is what we focused on. We wanted to adopt a dog that would play well with our young children and be a family pet.

With expectations set low, and permission from our landlord, we found a dog on-line that we thought we’d love. A schnauzer, but it turned out to not be very loving at first meet-and-greet. It was a lovely animal, but not what our boys were looking for.


People United for Pets



We went to an open adoption event and met “Kemo”, we were told his name meant “Jim” in Hawaiian. Kemo stuck, both the name and the dog, and we happily brought him home to become one of the family. He’s a terrier mix, but all fun and love.

They say that black dogs don’t get adopted as well because their pictures don’t show up well on adoption websites, but since black is my favorite color, it was easy to choose this sweet face!


Please consider adopting a rescue dog from one of your local rescues. A good website to start on is Petfinder.com or AdoptAPet.com.

Do you have a rescued pet story? Have you considered sharing your story with your rescue organization to help them promote “Happy Tails”?


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